Award Nominations

MACVPR strives to recognize members for their accomplishments in the fields of cardiac and/or pulmonary rehabilitation. If you are interested in submitting a nomination for an award, please contact Administrative Assistant  via email.

MACVPR Distinguished Service Award: The Massachusetts Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (MACVPR) membership presents a biannual achievement award at the October Program Development Meeting.  This award is given to a member in good standing who has made outstanding contributions to the field of Cardiac or Pulmonary Rehabilitation, the MACVPR/AACVPR and/or has demonstrated commendable efforts toward clinical advancement in primary and secondary prevention of people with cardiovascular and/or pulmonary disease.

Nominations will be accepted in the Spring on a biannual (even years) basis.  There will be a call for nominations at the May General Meeting as well as in the Spring Newsletter of that year.  If on that year, no member meets the criteria, the award presentation will be put off until the following year.  Nominations must be written and include a paragraph stating why the nominee should be considered for this award.  The Executive Committee will review nominations and vote on the recipient.  The recipient will be announced at the October Regional Symposium and the recipient’s symposium fee will be waived.


  • Must be a MACVPR Member
  • Based on contributions and service to MACVPR
  • Based on contributions and service to the profession.

    2018 Award Recipient-Lynne MacDonald, PT, CCRP


2016 Award Recipient- Virginia Dow RN, BSN, BC, CCRP

2014 Award Recipient – Esther  Burchinale MS,RES,RCEP

2012 Award Recipient – Deborah Sullivan MS, ANP-BC
2010 Award Recipient – Wayne Reynolds, RN
2008 Award Recipient – Ann Marie Sadlowski BS,RN
2006 Award Recipient – Karen Gates, MS, CES, RCEP
2004 Award Recipient – Kate Traynor, MS, RN
2002 Award Recipient – Dyan Dal Pozzo, MS, RCEP, CPD
2000 Award Recipient – Elizabeth Eagan-Bengston, RN, MS, RCEP